FristiLeaks 1.3 VulnHub Writeup

This VM is named FristiLeaks 1.3, and has been made by Ar0xA. It's described as being a basic VM, involving enumeration / follow the...


SickOs: 1.1 VulnHub Writeup

Another Friday, another VM. This time it's SickOS 1.1 by D4rk. The machine description makes mention to OSCP - as I'll be taking this certification in...


The Wall VulnHub Writeup

Xerubus released a new VM recently, named 'The Wall', in tribute to 50 years of Pink Floyd. This is my writeup for it - let's get started!


Persistence VulnHub Writeup

Having completed the awesome Sokar recently, I had to check out the other competition machines hosted by VulnHub. This time, it's Persistence by


Sokar VulnHub Writeup

Before I started playing VulnHub images, I lurked on their Twitter account, and recall last year a birthday challenge that they hosted - Sokar, developed by


SkyDog Con CTF Writeup

After noticing a Tweet stating that the SkyDog Con CTF was now available for download, I decided to take a look.


Flick 1 VulnHub Writeup

Having completed Flick 2 by @leonjza a while ago, I thought I should go back and check it its predecessor -


OwlNest VulnHub Writeup

After competing in some CTFs, I fancied a low-pressure challenge, to wind down. Someone on IRC mentioned the OwlNest image, so I thought I'd take a look.


EKOParty CTF 2015 Writeups

As I enjoyed the Pre-CTF hosted by EKOParty so much, I decided to take part in the actual CTF event. It's safe to say, I was not disappointeded!

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